Study tips to help you achieve

Pass that exam with a few revision tips from Post-it® Brand.

When life tests you, Post-it® Notes can help you to pass with flying colours. Simply follow these tips and take the stress out of studying

  • Sometimes if feels like there's a thousand things going on in life, and revising is just one of them. It's also something that often ends up at the bottom of the pile of 'things to do'. Keep track of your studies and get it done with Post-it® Brand. Write things down, stick them up, and succeed.

    Study tips to help you achieve - flash cards

  • 1. Studying with kanban

    A kanban board is a great way to organise tasks, manage assignments and chart progress, while the Post-it® App helps continue learning momentum by enabling sharing across a variety of platforms.

    Here’s how - you’ll need a smooth surface to begin, perhaps a wall, a variety of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes and a list of the assignments/tasks you need to complete. Next create columns by evenly spacing larger Post-it® Super Sticky Notes of the same colour across the top of your kanban, labeled “To-Do”, “Doing”, and “Done”. Next, add different colour notes for assignments and tasks under the “To Do” column.

    As tasks progress, move the Notes to the next column until you’ve completed all the tasks. You can also capture the Post-it® Super Sticky Notes in the Post-it® App, and track them in a digital kanban board. The Post-it® App allows you to view them wherever you are and share with whomever you wish to. Simply export to PowerPoint®, Dropbox, Trello® and share!

    Studying with kanban

  • 2. Bust out those flash cards

    If you need to memorise a lot of information, flash cards are the way to go. To make a flash card, write or draw the thing you want to quiz yourself about on a Post-it® Super Sticky Note 76mm x 76mm. Then, write the answer on another note. So, for example, if you’re working on your Spanish vocabulary, draw a picture of a fish on one note and write “el pescado” on another. Stick the fish picture on top of the translation on a surface (like your desk) then lift up to double-check that you know the answer. And, because they’re super sticky, you can move your notes around and take them with you for studying on the go.

    Study tips to help you achieve - jog your memory with reminds in unusual places

  • 3. Jog your memory with reminders in unusual places

    If you’re always on the go, put reminders in places you might not otherwise think of, to help you keep key concepts at the ready. Simply write a note to yourself or draw a diagram on a Post-it® Super Sticky Note 76mm x 76mm, then put it somewhere you wouldn't normally expect it. Try places outside of where you usually work, like the fridge door, or the bathroom mirror. Choose bright colours that'll grab your attention. Because they’re super sticky, you can move these Post-It® Notes to whole new places to jog your memory over and over again.

  • 4. Save time by marking what’s most important

    When it comes to your textbooks and notebooks, it’s important to be able to find the page you need as quickly as possible. By creating sections, marking key ideas, and making notes, you can stay on top of everything you need to know. To keep yourself organised, mark important sections in your notebook with Post-it® Tabs, so you can turn to the right section straight away. When it comes to textbooks, use Post-it® Page Markers to make notes you can find easily, without writing on the pages. The colours stand out, and you won’t have to go through and erase what you’ve written at the end of the year. For any revision materials, whether it’s notebooks, textbooks, or handouts, mark key ideas, vocabulary words, or diagrams with Post-it® Index, which help you find any piece of information in a flash.

    Study tips to help you achieve - find a way to take a break

  • 5. Find a way to take a break

    You can’t revise all the time. Schedule some breaks for when you get really stuck. Make yourself an 'I’m stuck' pad with Post-it® Super Sticky Notes 76mm x 76mm. Just grab a pad and jot down everything you can think of that will give you a little study break — one idea on each note. Then, when you get stuck, pull off the top note and do whatever you jotted down. Post-it® Super Sticky Notes will keep all your ideas ready and waiting for the moment you need them most, and you can stick and re-stick them wherever you need them.

    Life can get pretty intense when you’ve got revision to do, plus extra-curriculars, and well…life, to take care of. But when it comes to studying, getting it done isn’t just important for the future, it’s also energising. Because when you know your stuff, there’s no stopping you.

  • 6. Research the right way

    Knowing how to research the right way is integral to success.
    By writing down facts on a Post-it® Super Sticky Note, your memory will be triggered when quizzed. This easy learning activity is a great tool to help prepare ahead of any exam.

    Select a topic to research and write down 5-10 keywords and facts you’ve learned, on individual Post-it® Super Sticky Notes. Arrange the new facts on the wall and, after the lesson, capture the learnings in the Post-it® App. Within the App, organise them into groups aligning with their respective topics. Finally, export from the Post-it® App into a format such as PowerPoint®, Excel or PDF. You can use this as a study guide.

    Research the right way