Storyboarding with Post-it® Brand

Agreeing on the best ideas – fast.

  • Storyboarding is a fantastic method for accumulating a ton of ideas in a relatively short amount of time. Plus, your team will come out of the exercise with a story that walks through your decision process to share with interested parties.

    In the world of brainstorming, storyboarding isn't drawing pictures that represent a story — it's actually a way of bringing ideas together to come to a consensus. It's a great way to bring a large team together to agree on the best answer as fast as possible. Here, one approach to get started:

  • Depth
  • 30 Min
    30 Min
  • Large Group
    Large Group

When you're done, you should have a set of ideas that everyone agrees on that accomplishes the goal you set out to achieve.

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    Say what you're trying to get out of the session (for example, "A plan for how to get people to recycle more") and why you need to reach that goal "to reduce waste and save energy".

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    Have everyone come up with ideas as fast as they can, writing each idea on a Post-it® Super Sticky Note and reading it aloud to the group as you go. Stick every note on a Post-it® Super Sticky Meeting chart so everyone can keep track of them as you go along.

    write each idea on a Post-it® Note

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    Look at all the ideas and use them to come up with categories or headings. Write those headings on Post-it® Super Sticky Larger Size Notes. Line up ideas under each category on your meeting chart sheets. As a team, go through each idea and decide if it should stay or go.

    Look at all the ideas and use them to come up with categories or headings

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    Once you've picked out the best ideas, arrange them in some kind of order - from most to least important, chronologically, to tell a story - whatever makes the most sense for your goal.