Post-it® Teamwork Solutions Kanban Method

Kanban method

Organise tasks and keep your team on track with Kanban

  • Big projects need an organisation solution that presents multiple phases at a glance. With the Kanban method and Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, you can easily organise tasks, delegate them to team members and track progress in one easy-to-understand system.

    When your team is tackling a complex project — one with multiple stages, deliverables and stakeholders, for example — you need a solution that tracks all the moving parts and empowers team members to do their best work. The Kanban, or three bin, method organises workflow to make it easier to monitor a project's progress.

    Kanban was originally invented as part of the famous Toyota Production System in 1959. The method worked so well that just three years later, the company began shifting its entire production over to this way of working.

    With Kanban, teams can consolidate information about a company's existing projects and related activities. This allows them to visualise project phases and track each team member's progress at a glance. And when progress is visible and trackable, it's much easier for teams to maintain momentum and keep working toward a common goal.

    Post-it® Brand Keep teams on track with Kanban

  • You can Kanban — here's how

    In the Kanban system, tasks are grouped in one of three categories — to do, in-process or done — based on their completion status. By presenting tasks in context, Kanban enables teams to optimise the flow of their work quickly and efficiently. Below are the steps to build a Kanban board for your team projects.

    1. To start, you'll need a smooth surface — Post-it® Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface is a great option — a marker and Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, one colour for each member of your team. If you need to take your Kanban on the road, use Post-it® Super Sticky Meeting Charts for maximum portability.
    2. Create columns by evenly spacing four notes of the same colour across the top of your poster board. Write “Owner” on the first, “To-Do” on the second, “In-Process” on the third and “Done” on the fourth.
    3. Assign a different coloured note to each member of your team. Place these notes in the “Owner” column to easily denote each team member’s tasks.
    4. Ask everyone to write down the names of their projects and tasks on notes in their assigned colour and place them in the “To-Do” column.
    5. Each team member should select a task to start with and place it in the “In-Process” section. Participants update the status of tasks by moving their notes to the right until they're in the "Done" column.

    When your team has the right tools, you can find solutions to any challenge. Use the Kanban approach to ignite your team's shared drive for achieving remarkable results — together.